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WordPress is a great Content Management System for building your website.  Sometimes, though, building complicated web pages isn’t an easy task in it.   This is why developers started offering web page builders. These are powerful, drag and drop builders that let you build beautiful,  complicated web pages without knowing much, or any, HTML or CSS.   There are a few of them out there, so we thought we would introduce what we think are the best WordPress plugin page builders.

You add these to your website as a plugin. Sometimes they come packages as part of a theme.  In that case they are still plug-ins but the theme was built expecting you to use the builder.

A few years ago, WordPress introduced its own Page Builder called Gutenberg.  This hasn’t been met with a lot of excitement from WordPress developers, many turning it off.  However,  it keeps getting better and WordPress seems committed to it.

The Benefit of WordPress Page Builders

Page builders allow non developers to build beautiful web pages. These are normally automatically responsive,  which means that they work on a mobile device. Many of then provide you with templates to get you started. This can be a cheaper and faster way to get your website up and running while still looking good.

The Downside of the Best WordPress Plugin Page Builders

No good deed goes unpunished. It takes some programming to make these builders and they all take some resources. This means that your server has to have enough resources. It also means that your site is likely to load a bit slower. You can help this with some speed optimization plugins.  Site speed is important for your users and for SEO

The Best WordPress Plugin Page Builders

This post gives you the complete information about the best WordPress plugin for page builder. As we know there are several WordPress plugins for page builder but these are the 5 best WordPress plugins among all plugins. You can easily edit and create your page.

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Beaver builder

Beaver Builder is a great WordPress plugin for page builder. You can easily edit and create your page. It has a drag and drop interface. Beaver builder a popular plugin for page building. Like many, the plugin has both a free version and a premium version.

There are several templates, there are more than 30 professionally-templates designed in Beaver builder plugin.


  • A unique interface for its fronted visual development. 
  • Inline text editing so you don’t have to enter another screen or window to edit text.
  • Fully responsive.


Another popular builder, Elementor is a WordPress plugin for the page developer. It also consists of drag and drop interface. Elementor has live page developer option in it. It has templates that you can easily insert into your pages.  While the paid version has more the free version offers a number of templates as well.

You can also add widgets created by other WordPress plugins or even build your own (or have a developer do it).  This makes Elementor almost infinitely expandable.


  • It has predesignated templates for both the free and paid versions
  • Its lite version is good for small businesses who are just starting
  • You can design flexible popups and other cool interfaces using the Elementor interface.
  • The ability to add modules makes it so that you can expand it almost infinitely

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is part of the very popular Divi theme. It has a drag and drop page builder. Divi Builder has more than 20 pre-made layouts and templates for any website. 

You can customize your fonts colors, sizing, spacing, etc. You can create any type of page layout by using this plugin within less time.

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This is very popular with graphic designers.  The theme is very powerful and mostly intuitive. Some more complex tasks or expanding the functionality aren’t always as easy. It also requires a bit of power from a host.  While our usual recommendations of SitegroundWP Engine, and A2 Hosting should all handle it fine,  many of the popular but less powerful hosts have a hard time.


  • There are 46 simple-but-flexible content elements to create a beautiful page.
  • It has limitless design possibilities.
  • It consists of the best lifetime planes.
  • In the case of Divi builder, you can use both a visual front end interface as well as a back end interface.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a popular builder with many of the Theme Forest themes. While we prefer different themes, that doesn’t mean that Visual Composer is bad.

You can get it by itself. It’s a capable builder with a fairly intuitive interface. We don’t find it as powerful as Elementor but it does a pretty good job and runs on many themes. It is used to create a page quickly. You can also edit your logo, menus, headers, footers, sidebars, etc. Not all builders allow that.


  • Using Visual Composer you can do a completely blank canvas, include your header and footer, etc.
  • It has huge number of elements and templates.
  • It has features like shape dividers, custom spacing, parallax, etc.
  • Often comes packaged with themes.


We still aren’t fully committed to saying that Gutenberg is one of the best. But there are good things about it. WordPress comes with Gutenberg, so if you have a recent version of WordPress (which you should for security) then you have Gutenberg.

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Gutenberg isn’t as sharp looking as the others. It does allow inline editing. It does not do drag and drop editing in the same way that most of the other page builders do.

All that said, this is WordPress’ product so it’s native to WordPress so it’s well built. It isn’t an add on. It’s part of WordPress but is also extensible. This is a fancy term meaning that you can add on to it. It works in the concept of blocks. So a paragraph is a block. An image is a block and so on. You can add custom blocks (or buy or download them) which some developers are doing. For example,  Astra comes with new blocks as part of their Pro version.

It also seems to be faster than most of the others. Being directly integrated into  WordPress and being built by the same people that build WordPress helps out there.


  • Fairly easy to use
  • Integrated into WordPress
  • Free!
  • Extensible allowing developers to add functions and blocks
  • Constantly being improved

Making Your Choice for Page Builder

Even with the downsides, having a page builder is worth it for those fancy pages. You can still use the traditional WordPress editor for more simple things like blog posts if you don’t want the overhead of a page builder.

It’s worth trying out different options and seeing what you like. Many of these have a free version. Except for Gutenberg,  there is no upside to having more than a one-page builder. It will slow down your site and make more things that you have to learn and maintain.

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