How to Create a WordPress Website – Step by Step Beginners Guide

What You'll Learn

You can easily create a WordPress website or blog. You don’t need to pay for WordPress CMS (Content Management System), You need to pay only for your Hosting and Domain.

Why Need to Create Blog with WordPress

More than 28% websites and blogs created with WordPress. Because it’s free, easy to manage and no need any programming knowledge.

Build a blog, a full website, Personal blog, portfolio, and business site. You can create any type of website with WordPress.

Hundreds of themes are there, You can choose your required one. Create a mobile-friendly site or blog with a click.

Choose Best Platform

Choosing website platform is the very important part when creating WordPress website or blog.

First, you need to choose a platform to create and install WordPress website. You can create a website with any hosting company or Self Hosted WordPress platform.

Self-hosted WordPress platform is very easy to create and install WordPress blog.

Self hosted WordPress

Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain name is the biggest problem nowadays. You can check domain name availability here Domain Name Checker.

Check out this guide for Best ideas to choose Domain Name.

How to choose domain name for your business

Installing WordPress

You don’t need any programming knowledge to install WordPress for your website. Just need basic knowledge of Computer.

All hosting companies and Self-hosted WordPress platforms provide one click WordPress installation for your blog.

Congratulations – You’re Ready to Launch!

If you follow all above steps, You will easily create your website. But it’s just a beginning. You will need to do a lot of other things to develop your site or blog.

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