How to find the WordPress login url

How to Find the WordPress Login URL

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What is the WordPress Login URL

One of the first things you will need to with your site when you want to change something, or even just set it up, is to log in to the administrative dashboard. This is where you control WordPress from. It’s generally pretty easy.

Normally, you can log into your WordPress admin login by going to one of a few different WordPress admin login URLs. The two easiest to remember are


Basically, they both do the same thing, so don’t be surprised when they redirect you to That’s their job. To be easy to remember and then send you to the right place.

Once in a while, though, something happens to mess this up. Perhaps you were hacked, or maybe a plug-in broken something. Maybe you did it to yourself as we described in our post on changing the login URL. While a pretty good security technique, it’s a bit too secure when you can’t find your WordPress login URL.

Normally, though, these will get you to the login screen. No problem. You’ll need your username and password. If you forgot one of them, you should be able to use your email to recover it as long as you connected your email to your user information. WordPress will then send you a password reset link.

Once you are logged into the WordPress admin area, it will take you to the WordPress dashboard, where you can control your site, add themes, add, remove or change plugins, update things and do almost anything you could want to your website. The WordPress dashboard is where you control things.

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Logging Into a Site on a Subdomain or a Subfolder

If your site is installed on a subdomain or a subfolder, remember to include that in your login. You can recognize this if you use something else in place of the www in the URL such as then make sure to go to Similarly, if your site has something like then you need to go to as the WordPress Login URL to get to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

This isn’t very common but once in a while someone needs to install a related, but different site. That’s why I used the shop example. That’s a not-uncommon example. It also used to be pretty common to see things like or for mobile sites but you don’t see that very often these days because of responsive design, but some still exist. Before responsive design, you used to have to build a whole separate website. Thankfully, not much anymore!

This should get you started. Have fun! Make sure you backup your site before making changes.

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