Using YouTube for Business and Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Using YouTube For Business And Marketing

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Despite being one of the earliest social media channels on the block, YouTube has survived and is one of the most popular platforms, today. It is appealing for multiple reasons – it helps generate revenue for content creators around the world, it helps non-profits and small NGOs amplify important social messages, and it enables brands to amplify their products and value.  It’s a great tool for expanding on your message. Here are some techniques and tips for using YouTube for Business and Marketing.

Leveraging the platform well can be a game-changer for your brand. Here are some rules to drive important business outcomes by building a solid presence on YouTube. 

Focus On Branding From Day 1 

The first step is to build a homepage, which reflects the vibe, character, and branding of your business, no matter what scale it’s at. The language, profile images, the about section, a compelling header image – all these elements set the stage for building trust in your followers and, more importantly, in telling a story. Choose a signature video as the channel trailer, which automatically starts playing when a visitor lands on your homepage. So curate with care. 

Build your YouTube Page 

YouTube has several options to curate content in an organized way. Using these features, help your followers find content that appeals to them, with ease. For example, you can add featured channels, which could be a compilation of your favorite channels that connect with the interests of your audience. You can also build playlists of your own videos, categorizing them into unique themes.  TubeBuddy can be a great resource for building your channel.

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Make Content Searchable

Using the relevant keywords and hashtags helps boost the visibility of your content in an organic way, so pay close attention to these elements. Another aspect to pay close attention to is the title of your videos. A catchy, original, authentic title can help break through the clutter. Follow this with a solid descriptor and tag videos strategically. 

Editing Is Everything

These days you don’t need to be a professional editor to make a good video. With free online editing tools like VideoCreek’s online video editor, you can make a really slick professional-looking video on any topic and theme even if the footage is not professionally shot. You can add effects, subtitles, text, and play around with various elements, to make it really engaging for your audience. 

Develop A Signature Style 

The most successful YouTube channels have a unique production and editing flair. Sometimes they have unique signature music. Think carefully about what kind of vibe you want to create and develop your own approach to video storytelling around your brand. This creates a higher recall value. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

End With A Bang 

It’s really important that your videos end with a very strong call to action. Sometimes this can include inviting viewers to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Other call-to-actions include visiting your website, downloading your app, or buying a product. Make sure the message is clear. Leveraging online tools like VideoCreek’s outro maker is a great way to focus on powerful endings and make sure you get the outcomes you desire. 

Make The Right Content 

YouTube suggests a number of keywords that viewers are actively searching for. Keeping an eye on these and creating content around them is a great way to build organic traffic, and create content that viewers are actively looking for. It’s also a great way to expand your target audience. You can also keep an eye on Google trends to understand the pulse of what audiences are looking for. 

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Leverage Analytics

Make sure that you look at in-built analytics every day. Try and understand user behavior patterns. What time is the best time to post videos? When are people really visiting your videos? Study views, likes, and comments and try to draw a pattern that can help you evolve your YouTube Strategy. 

Be Open To Feedback 

Check out the comments sections on your videos, every day, and engage with your followers. In fact, have conversations with them and proactively ask them for feedback. If you think it makes sense, you can implement it in the next videos and also thank your followers for their suggestions. 

Get a Little Help from YouTube 

YouTube Studio is a great support center. You can create a partner verified account, manage your presence, grow your channel, and learn how to monetize your channel. You can also learn how to promote your videos to the right audiences and grow your following. There are tons of tutorials on how to leverage YouTube studio, so do check them out and optimize your channel. 

Actively Promote Videos 

YouTube is compatible with several platforms and enables you to embed videos on blogs, social media platforms, and forums like Quora. Make sure you optimize your YouTube channel’s visibility by posting videos across various platforms, especially where people are looking for the kind of content you are creating, whether it’s around pet care, digital marketing, or job interviews.

Post Consistently 

Try to make sure you post at least two or three videos a week. As your followers grow, they will start looking forward to viewing new content every week around topics of their interest. Sometimes it’s easy to lose steam if your first few videos don’t do well or even if some videos are less popular. The important thing is to be regular and build trust in your audiences.

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Partner With A Sponsor 

A great way to monetize your YouTube channel is to plug in a product or service by a business that directly connects to the theme of your channel. Try to make sure that the plug is natural and not forced. This is then a win-win for you and your audiences, as it aligns with something that they are also looking for.

Keep Conversations Alive 

The most important thing is that your videos should speak to your audiences. It must inspire them, educate them, engage, and encourage them to take actions that can contribute to enhancing their life journeys. Taking this approach also helps you stay motivated when things are tough. Keep it authentic, work hard, and stay committed to your long-term vision. 

Using YouTube for business and marketing can be quite daunting if you are a novice. However, if you follow the aforementioned tips properly, you, too, can ace it. Good luck!

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