How to Choose a Domain Name – Top 10 Ideas

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Number of people failed to create Best domain name. Choosing a good Domain name is not easy and take lot of time.


Here, I am providing best actionable ideas for How to Choose a Domain Name or Website name which is easily optimized by major search engines like Google and Bing etc.

Keep it short

Short domain names tends to rank better in search engines.

If you create long name domain, It is hard to remember and URL size also increase.

Check out this How URL Structure improve page rank.

Use main keyword in Domain name

If you create domain name with your target keyword, You can rank faster than you think.

You can also rank your website without having keyword in domain name.


Avoid hyphens

If you place Hyphens in domain name, User get confused. And also not easy to remember.

So create domain name with words only.

You may use numbers in some situations.

I created this website with “99” at the end of the domain name.

Be Memorable

If you create memorable domain name, You will get returning visitors.

Right Domain Name Extension

You must create a TLD (Top Level Domain) for better ranking.

When it comes to domain name extension, .com is the best extension. More than 70% of the domains created with .com extensions.

My suggestion is, Go with .com extension. If it is not available go with .Net and .Org Domain name Extensions.

Make it Pronounceable

Pronounceable websites are easy to remember. So you will get returning visitors.

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Buy New Domain

If you planning to buy old domains, Please do some research.


Buying a new domain is a good idea to start your business or blog.


Make it Easy to Type

If you create hard to type domain name, You will not get higher ranking. Someone gets first place.

So you must create website name which is Easy to Type.

Research it

Before going to create your website name, You need to research on it.

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to research about your domain name.

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