Make Money Online in Jamaica

Make Money Online in Jamaica

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How Can You Make Money Online In Jamaica?

It’s 2021. Money and resources are scarce. Everybody wants to make money in some way, shape, form, or fashion. We all need a way to pay the bills so we can get by. Due to our current global pandemic, jobs have recently proven hard to come by. Many of us have lost our part and full-time jobs due to this global catastrophe. In some countries, the job market is more frustrating than others. One such example is Jamaica. Job hunting in Jamaica has never been easy, especially if you are either a new citizen or touring without a valid visa. But ever since the pandemic began, it has become more nerve-racking than ever.

So the question is, how to make money online in Jamaica. Jamaican employers, like many countries, expect specific skill sets and work experience to even be qualified for an occupation. Most jobs that are offered are very hard to apply for, and even more difficult, sometimes, to hold due to the very high standards of people in charge. This being said, a lot of people have been turning to stay-at-home jobs, a lot of which can be done online. Here are a few good ways to consider how to make money online in Jamaica. With a worldwide marketplace, there is a lot of opportunity for online jobs in Jamaica.

Sell Products

One way to make a decent wage with online jobs in Jamaica is to try and sell products online. Like most countries, this market allows you to buy and sell via online stores. The difference, however, is quality and skill. Jamaica has been known to produce beautiful designs and crafts with a very unique sense of style. From quilts and clothing to jewelry and figurines, even furniture, the aforementioned style sense should make it just as easy, if not easier, to sell products over online stores.

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It’s pretty easy to get started. You can sell your own craft products on a site like Etsy. WordPress has a free e-commerce module called WooCommerce.

There are also sites like Shopify and BigCommerce that will let you set-up a shop. They cost more than WooCommerce but can be a little bit easier to get started. They will handle things like payment processing and even have options for fulfillment (which is when someone else completes the orders and ships for you).

Freelance Opportunities

A lot of employers are looking online for various skills. It’s easier than ever for both the companies and the freelancers. Marketplaces advertise around the world for talent.  Freelancers can advertise their skills, often for free or very cheap. At the same time, companies can advertise projects that they need completed. There are a number of freelancing opportunities from almost anywhere.  With the right skills and knowledge, you can market yourself on a site like Upwork.  If you take a look at our guide to get you started on Upwork.  There are some techniques that you can use to build your business more quickly.

Some similar sites to check out include Freelancer, Fiverr and TextBroker 

Become a Freelance Writer

With 32 million blogs and many more books, magazines, newsletters and other sources of content, there are a lot of places looking for good writers.  If you have decent writing skills you can create a pretty good business writing articles, books, blog posts and many other types of content.  There is an almost limitless demand. If you have a good sense for marketing or Search Engine Optimization, you can often earn even more.

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Proofreading for businesses

Content marketing has never been more popular than in our time, and this has increased the need for reliable online proofreaders. You will need good language skills and a good grasp of grammar and spelling.   With that in hand, you can market yourself as a proofreader to review written material and make it better.  

Online Tutor

Another thing to consider is to become an online tutor. Yes, most places have a program or two that allow you to teach students from your home.  There is a market for tutors at almost every level of education.  If you have an area where you can teach, you can make money online in Jamaica.  You can do this online through Skype or Zoom.  Good sites to get started are and

Contract Customer Service Representative

If you are looking for an online job a bit less stressful than medical work, but still love to communicate and help people troubleshoot, then perhaps you’ll want to put in an application to be a customer service representative. This is a field that is currently needed in a lot of places. Also, Jamaica has so many hotels and resorts, not to mention all the tourist attractions.

There are a lot of tourists phoning in (and emailing) to ask about booking and price details. This is an important position because people have so many questions to ask. Whether they have been to your establishment a hundred times, or they are simply on vacation with family and friends (even just for themselves), customers will be curious and will need somebody to answer their questions and help them sort out their concerns accordingly.

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If you have a talent for design and decor in Jamaica, that is another way to possibly earn wages online. There are plenty of online employers searching for somebody who can brainstorm ideas to design something as large as a building, or as small as a sock! Clothing designers and people who create images for things like houses, cars, and even entire rooms are still very much needed. Or, on a very similar token, since digital art is also rising more than ever in popularity, people who write books are often searching for a good illustrator.

Make Money Online in Jamaica

In other words, the job market in Jamaica has gotten tantalizingly strict, but the above suggestions should provide advice and encouragement for anybody in Jamaica looking for an online job to apply for. There are plenty of online employers willing to help people strive to keep going. Online jobs have always been more complex than people have given credit for, but right now, they are some of the few jobs we still have, and long after the pandemic, places like Jamaica will hopefully be using them to thrive and succeed.

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