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There is a lot of opportunity for someone who wants to work online from Uganda. In the last 20 years, internet access has grown from almost nothing to about 25 percent of the population (Source: World Bank)  If you are, or can be one of that 24 percent, this means a few things for you if you want to make money online in Uganda.

Internet Access in Uganda
Internet Access in Uganda (Source: World Bank)

 It means that there isn’t as much as in other countries for these jobs. It also means that you can offer your skills to potential employers both locally and around the world.    This opens up a world of opportunity for online work for Ugandans.

Here are some ideas for online work to get you started.  These certainly aren’t the only options but these are some ideas to get you started.

Opportunities to Make Money Online in Uganda

Affiliate Marketing to support Uganda Businesses

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways of how to make money online in Uganda, and provides a wide array of options to choose from. Essentially the strategy is to promote other people’s products on various platforms to eventually start getting a commission from sales. It could be from people you know who need their business promoted to increase sales or another established platform online like Amazon.

You need to start a blog or website before embarking on this online endeavor. It’s important to know that it may start out slow, but can pay dividends through dedication and hard work. Eventually, you can make money online in Uganda without  much work.

Many companies offer affiliate marketing opportunities. You can often find them by searching in Google using the company followed by “affiliate”.  Many companies use something called an affiliate network to handle all the work for them. Here are a few of the biggest networks.

  • Share a Sale
  • ClickBank
  • Amazon Associates – not really a network but Amazon has so many products that it’s almost like a network. They offer lower commissions than other companies but they have so many products that it’s an easy way to get started in affiliate marketing.

Check out Jumia to survey some exciting plans in the affiliate marketing industry and get a jumpstart in this job, and is a solid choice for an affiliate network.

Online/Web Publishing

Simply establishing a website on a certain topic or niche can yield fruitful results online. However, it requires a keen eye for the market and the ability to purchase and establish a domain. There are a plethora of topics to choose from such as sports, food, music, gaming, and any other popular topic you can think of. Just make sure you have an immense passion for it and the workday won’t seem so arduous. There are various platforms you can choose from that will aid in setting up a professional-grade website that will generate sales.

The next step is to get the site monetized and set up AdSense with Google and local brands. These days it can be difficult to impress readers online, and that makes it more challenging to get things rolling in the beginning. However, through patience and persistence, it’s possible to make an immense profit in this field.

Suggested sites that facilitate a plethora of unique viewers from Uganda include, and and can come in handy with this money-making strategy. It’s very easy to give up when things don’t go your way the first or even tenth time, but continuing to push through those disappointments is what separates failure from success. 

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Sell Products

There are a couple of options with this one to choose from if you want to successfully sell your art, crafts,  or other merchandise online. Firstly, you can set up your own e-shop and begin selling on those platforms in Uganda. This is the harder option and can be rather complicated to set up properly but it’s rewarding to generate success with your own shop. You’ll be proud of the results when owning an online shop but there are easier options that can be implemented simultaneously.

WordPress with WooCommerce is easy to set up and most of it can be done for free. If you want to look at drop shipping, where another company makes and ships the products, you don’t even need to have investors.

Your products don’t need to be physical. You can sell classes, eBooks, or other digital services and products. Here you can use something like Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital products. Classes can be set up in WordPress easily. You can also sell books on Amazon who also has a print-on-demand program so you can sell physical books as well.

You may choose to utilize different social media platforms to promote and sell your merchandise. Groups like Tradelinks are an excellent place to start on your journey to selling online. Simply post whatever you wish to flip for a profit and determine what items are easier to sell. This method can yield great results if you offer good prices for items that you make for a lower cost. This is why art can be so advantageous and you can even feature beautiful clothing that is handstitched with Uganda inspired patterns.

Social Media Influencer Opportunities

The focus of marketers on the internet is making a shift to implementing social media influencers and the opportunities to make money online in Uganda with it is growing daily. Take note that this method is only effective if you happen to have or can build a large following on various social networking platforms. However, they need to also be responsive and active to your posts and that takes another level of finesse. If you have a special talent and engage in an active audience then there might be a lucrative place for you in this money-making job online.

The power and influence of a following is something that the company will pay you for creating awareness of a particular brand. In some cases, they will seek out people with large followings and give them opportunities. If you feel like your social media is viable for such promotional purposes then the right thing to do is reach out to these interested companies to gain a stable job for your already active audience. They will care what you recommend and promote and then that will generate sales and inevitably make more money from your hard work.

Blogging About Tourism in Uganda

This is the most popular method in Uganda for gaining a following online and presenting passionate content through blogging. The subject matter should be something you are knowledgeable about and have the drive to see through. For example, if you love animals then it might be a lucrative idea to blog about Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and document the various aspects of these incredible creatures. Nature enthusiasts can start a blog that focuses on the most beautiful spots to relax and visit in Uganda such as visiting lake Victoria or adventuring through Entebbe Botanic Gardens.

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People in your home country will be excited to read what comes next and it also offers other foreigners to gain insight into Uganda’s rich variety of nature and wildlife. There are some amazing cities to visit, and each one of them is just waiting to be blogged about. Make sure the content is unique to yourself and has an individual flare because people are hard to entertain these days. The blog should also be visually appealing and showcase plenty of pictures and regular content with commitment.

Combine this with digital products and you could create virtual tours or guide books for visitors. There are a lot of opportunities here to share the amazing culture and beauty of Uganda.

Vlogging: A Very Popular and Effective Option

Facebook and Snapchat are both free options for starting your prospective Vlogging Career, and it’s an incredibly popular option to choose with reliable results. This doesn’t mean you’ll just jump on the bandwagon of success without motivation and passion for your niche. If you want to learn How to Make Money Online in Uganda then this is an easily accessible option to get started. Many media brands are spending a lot of money right now on Vlogging with Facebook with over 8 billion views per day superseding Youtube as the previous leader.

Still, Youtube is a viable option for successful Vlogging. The more revenue streams you have the better for this skill. After publishing the videos it’s important to get them monetized and ready to make money to make money online in Uganda. This won’t be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat though. You need to have a good grasp of video editing skills to be successful. You must purchase and utilize a camera in the correct way, You’ll need a knowledge of lighting factors to create acceptable content that can be monetized.  TubeBuddy is a great option to help build and manage a budding YouTube channel.

Another idea for combining things is vlogging about travel around Uganda or around other parts of Africa.

Influencing on Instagram

Many bloggers have realized a shift in trends and have moved permanently to Instagram and for good reasons. It is an incredibly versatile platform that allows users to make a ton of money. Creative people of all types are welcome here and it can also be a very fun experience. Marketers tend to achieve higher conversions when partnering with Instagram influencers than other alternatives such as placing ads in magazines. The only catch in this situation is you have to have a fairly large following to pull this off.

If you don’t then make growing your Instagram the first priority before seeking these marketers. Once you gain the following then you can effectively monetize on Instagram and start turning a significant profit. Examples of celebrities who are reaping immense rewards from Instagram include Bettinah Tiana, Sheilah Gashumba and Kleith Kyatuhaire. If they can do it then so can you with the right patient attitude. It may take some time to grow. It won’t happen overnight but it’s more than possible to achieve greatness on Instagram in the current business climate.

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Paid Online Surveys in Uganda

Taking surveys online isn’t the most lucrative of these strategies, but its’ still worth mentioning because of its relative ease. You should consider this as a side hustle or supplementary income because it won’t be much. However, it has its place in the industry with easy money from giving your opinion about something. Anyone can do surveys as long as they’re willing to supply personal accurate information. To some, this might be a hindrance. However, if you take them accurately and with an honest approach, you can make a few extra bucks on the side to pay the electric bill. It’s a money-making gig that adds up over time. There are some places where the surveys pay an incredible amount of money for longer periods of your time.

They’re reliable and convenient to take with multiple platforms offering surveys based on individual taste. It certainly isn’t as creative and fun as the other options like selling your own product. It can yield promising results if you commit a lot of time to it. Each of these money making strategies is viable for making money online in Uganda. With the social climate suffering due to the pandemic, they are all wise pursuits in the business world. Exploring what’s right for you will take time, and keep your chin up if you fail because there’s nothing wrong with learning and overcoming challenges!

Content Writing

If you have strong writing skills, you could sell your services writing. There are great platforms like UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and TextBrokers where you can sell these and many other skills.  There are a lot of opportunities to sell content for books, websites, and other products. As you build your reputation and skills, you can raise your prices and get more lucrative projects. We’ve put together a guide to getting started on Upwork.   These same strategies would work on many platforms.

Content writing isn’t your only option in this space. You could also translate documents. The same sites often have jobs to translate to and from different languages. If you speak more than one language, this could be a great opportunity for you. You might be asked to translate marketing material, documents, blog posts and other material. TextBrokers has a whole segment of their business dedicated to this. The way that their system works, you don’t even need to be perfect in a language to do work for them. This opens a lot of opportunities.

Making Money Online

There are a lot of opportunities for making money online in Uganda and other places. These are some of the ideas. You might find others or might try combining some of these. We would love to hear what works for you. The opportunities are almost endless.

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