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Nowadays everyone wants to make money online in Belgium. Here we explained the best ways to earn money online and offline without investment.


In 1995, There are only 16 million people using the Internet. That is 0.43% of the world population.

Now, There are more than 4000 million people using the Internet. That is 59.1% of the world population.

The Internet is growing very fast.

That’s Why,

You need to learn online money making tips.

Before Making money online in Belgium, You must know these points

  • Internet doesn’t give instant money.
  • Most of the data entry jobs are a scam, So don’t waste your time. They also take registration fee.
  • There is no quick or fastest way to earn decent money online.
  • It will take some time to make money online.

There is a number of ways available to earn money in Belgium. I am providing best methods for earning money with internet for free.

Make Money Online in Belgium

Make Money Online Freelancing

Freelancing is when you provide services for someone for a fee.  These projects can be done hourly or at a fixed rate.  The amazing part is that these days, almost anyone can freelance because it’s possible to freelance from anywhere in the world and provide services to anywhere in the world.

There are now marketplaces that offer literally millions of jobs from around the world.  There are jobs for basically any skill level.  Of course, the more specialized, or in-demand your skill is, the more money you can make.  However, even if you have only entry-level skills, there are jobs for you.  Freelancing is a great way to make money online in Belgium, or anywhere in the world.

Some in-demand skills include:

  • Development – Building, fixing, or enhancing computer programs
  • Business Analysis – Doing analyses of business projects, financials, and metrics
  • Graphic Design – Designing websites, logos, and other visual media for businesses
  • Website Development – Building and enhancing websites
  • Content Writing  – Writing books, articles, and other written content for websites, authors, and marketers

These are just some examples. If you don’t have specialized skills, don’t worry.   You can find jobs for skills like data entry, completing surveys, building simple spreadsheets, working as a virtual assistant.  There are a variety of entry-level jobs if you look hard enough.

A great thing about freelancing is that it doesn’t cost anything to get started.  You don’t need a website and you usually don’t need special equipment. If you do need special equipment, there’s a good chance that it’s stuff you already have if you’re advertising yourself for that skill.

Upwork is the world’s largest platform for freelancing around the world.  It’s not always easy to get started.  The problem with such a large marketplace is that there is a lot of competition and you need to stand out.  We’ve put together a guide to getting started on Upwork.  It has strategies and approaches that you can use to get started on Upwork.  These same strategies would probably work on other platforms too, but we have proven them out on Upwork.

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There are other platforms worth checking out too.  Some others include Freelancer, which is a lot like UpworkFiverr is a bit different. On Fiverr, you advertise skills and projects at fixed prices and clients find you and hire you.  There is also TextBroker, which we will talk about more later because it’s a specialized type of freelancing worth of a section on its own.

Freelancing is a great way to earn money online.  Whether you’re in Belgium or somewhere else, it’s a great way to get started making money online. Give it a try!

Make Money with YouTube

YouTube can be a very lucrative way of making money online. Just like with other money-making strategies, you will need to build an audience to make any money.  With a big enough audience, it’s possible to make millions of dollars (though not likely.)  Even if you don’t make millions, it is possible to make respectable money.

Once you have enough views and subscribers, you can participate in YouTube’s Partner Program.  Basically, what this means is that YouTube will give you a portion of the money that they make from advertising your videos. 

YouTube Partner Program Requirements
Source: YouTube Partner Program

You can also combine this strategy with affiliate marketing if that fits your channel.  If that works for what you do, then you can make even more money that way.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to get started.  You’ll need a camera, which you already have if you have a cellphone. You probably want a microphone.  You’ll also need some video editing software. There are several free options out there to get started.  If you are doing videos from your desktop, like if you are teaching computer skills or something similar then you’ll need screen capture software too.

With these in hand, you can get started on building your YouTube Channel.  This can also be combined with a website and a social media strategy. 

Here is the Complete Guide for Making money with YouTube.

Earn Money by Creating a Blog

When it comes to making money online in Belgium, The cheapest way is blogging. With a successful blog, you can earn quite a bit of money with very little investment.  You’ll need to pay for hosting, but often that’s about it.

It’s not a fast process, however.  Just like with a YouTube channel, you need an audience.  The more people that read your blog, the more money you can make. 

There are a number of ways that you can make money blogging.  Here are a few of them (some might look familiar)

  • Advertising – Just like with magazines and newspapers back in the day, you can make money by placing advertising on your site.  There are several different services out there that will do this. Of course, the more eyes that see your content, the more money you can make.  Google is probably the biggest advertiser, but they require 10,000 visitors a month.  Thankfully, Ezoic, which is a great partner, now doesn’t have a minimum for advertising.  They’re worth checking out.
  • Sell Digital Products – Some bloggers make money by selling digistal products like courses, e-books, recipes, guides and more.  You can get really creative here.
  • Create a Community – Some bloggers are able to create a community and monetize that (or use it as a way to bring in more traffic.)
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At the end of the day, the goal is to find a niche that interests people, you know something about and you can create valuable content.  If you can write (or hire someone to write if you want to), and you know something that people are interested in, you can make money with it.

It’s easy enough to get started.  You’ll need to start with hosting, which is where your website lives.  We recommend a few hosts –

You’ll read about other hosts on other sites.  The problem is that many of the big names have made their money through marketing and not by investing in their support and their architecture.  Be careful. They can be a few dollars cheaper (or not if you read the fine print) but often they are slow, which frustrates your readers.  Often their support isn’t that great either.  We recommend these hosts because we work with them and they provide a good product at a good price.

You’ll also need to register a domain name.  Usually, this will cost you a few dollars per year at a site like NameCheap.   This is your web address, which someone types into the browser to find your site.

You can earn money easily with the blog or website, But you need a lot of traffic to your site. Check out this guide How to make money with the website.

If you getting traffic after creating a website, Apply to Google Adsense. You can earn money by placing Google Adsense ads on your blog. Adsense is the best online ad network in the world.

Here is the Guide for Make Money with Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money online in Belgium with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a different concept from the above methods. You will get money by promoting Advertisers products through Website, YouTube and Social Networks, etc.

If any visitor buys the product from your link, You will be get paid.

You need some marketing skills to promote products.

You need to signup with affiliate marketing companies like Amazon and get affiliate links to place on your site or blog.

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites

Types of Affiliate Programs

PPC (Pay Per Click) – You can earn money if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and goes to the advertiser site. The visitor doesn’t need to buy anything.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) – You can earn money if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and register or submit email on advertiser site. A visitor doesn’t need to buy anything.

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PPS (Pay Per Sale) – You can earn money only if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buy advertiser product or service.

You can also directly signup with companies that you want to promote their products. For example, If you want to promote hosting company (Like Siteground and Hostgator etc), Just join their affiliate program and get affiliate links to promote.

Your commission is different from one company to another. Amazon gives you 4% to 10% based on the product you sell via an affiliate link. Some Hosting companies give 20% to 60% commission and some give fixed rates for sale.

Check out this guide How to make Money with affiliate marketing.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

What is Domain Name?

Domain name means just website address (Like this site that is user type in the browser address bar. There are number of extensions like .com .uk .net .org etc available. You can easily register a domain in Godaddy or any other Hosting networks.

Domains increase value over time if they have commercial value.

Buy Domain Name

You can buy domains at $10 to $15 and you can sell it at the best rate based on your domain name. If the domain already registered with another user, Contact the user and see if he wants to sell it or not.

Sell Domain on Flippa

You can easily sell your domains at Flippa. Just sign up and put your domain in the auction and accept bids. Then sell it for higher bids.

You can directly advertise on your domain home page to sell your domain.

Become a Content Writer

You can also earn a full-time income from content writing. There are thousands of sites offering good amount to content writers.

How to find sites which have paid content writing option?

Just search on google “write for us” to find sites which pay money for content writing. And you can also search keyword + “Write for us” to find sites which are related to your keyword.

You can earn $10 to $500 per post.

Qualities of Best Content Writer

  • Creative thinking
  • Good knowledge in the content
  • Write’s the killer title and description
  • Having a unique style
  • Researching habit.
  • Good writing speed

Sell Your Own Products

You can earn thousands of dollars if you sell your product. First, create a product. Then sell it on Amazon or your own site or youtube channel.

Steps to Sell Own Product or Service

  • First, create and develop the product or service.
  • Then, test your product with your friends, family members, and nearest buyers, etc.
  • After testing, Find buyers via your website or a youtube channel or facebook page, etc.
  • Next, Sell your product or service online.
  • And also create a marketing plan to earn a good income.

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