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The database is one of two major components of your WordPress setup.  The database keeps your site organized. It stores the content of your posts, the configuration of your site. It keeps your site organized. These are just some of the major functions. Sometimes, your database gathers data in it that it no longer needs. This gums up performance and slows your site down. This is where the WordPress plugins Database optimization comes in.

These plugins clean up the database. They remove old data. Database optimization plugins help to better organize the database. This helps the database perform better. This speeds up your site and makes it work better.

WordPress Plugins for Database Optimization

The following are some of the best WordPress plugins database optimizations.


WP-Optimize is a WordPress plugin that helps you to clean your database. It acts as a multi-functional plugin, this plugin will compress the images and also improves the website performance. This is very simple and very easy to use. This plugin has multisite support. This allows one installation to support multiple WordPress sites.


  • Automated cleanups.
  • Can translate into several languages.
  • Removes all unnecessary data in the database.

Advanced Database Cleaner

Advanced Database Cleaner is another great WordPress plugin for database optimization. This plugin removes all unwanted data and delete old drafts, comment spam, and post revision. In this plugin, you can schedule database cleaning.


  • Has an advanced feature of scheduled cleanups.
  • Removes trash posts and old post versions
  • Consists of automatic optimization.


WP-Sweep is a simple WordPress plugin for database optimization. This plugin is very easy to use, it does not require any technical skills. It also removes all unnecessary data like drafts, spam comments, many more. This plugin is not compatible with other plugins.

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  • This plugin consists of scheduled cleaning of the database.
  • Can clean 26 unwanted types of data.
  • There is also code optimized for speed.

WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup is not focused on optimization, it backs up your database as well. It will back up and restore your database if you need.  There is an email notification to notify your backup status.

Generally, we would recommend a separate backup solution with Updraft Plus so that your file and database backups are in sync. Updraft Plus also allows off-site backups which is a more solid backup strategy than saving your backups on a host server.


  • There is a high-security feature in-order to secure your files.
  • It has email notification option about backups.
  • You can download all backup files.

WP Reset

WP Reset will allow you to  reset your database. It is able to clear the entire site. This plugin is also used to clean unwanted posts and files. You have control over everything you want to delete. This plugin is designed for both developers and non-developers.  That said, for optimization, it might be better to get a tool that is focused on optimization so that you don’t accidentally deleted data you want.


  • This plugin is completely a free version
  • There is an advanced feature is that 1 click backup tool
  • Updates regularly everything
  • This plugin has WP-CLI support

WordPress Plugins for Database Optimization

We’ve presented several options here. Optimizing your WordPress database should help to keep your site performance up. This will give you an improved site speed and the SEO benefits that come with that.

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While all of these are great plugins for database optimization, we recommend getting one that focuses on WordPress database optimization.

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