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WordPress Event Manager is a full-featured, and lightweight event management plugin to add an event listing functionality to your WordPress site. In this plugin short-code lists all events, it can work with any theme and is very easy to set up and customize. It helps you create and manage events from within your WordPress dashboard The following are some of the best WordPress plugins for Event Management.

Events Manager

Events Manager is one of the best WordPress plugins for Event Management. Events Manager is completely a free version and a paid version. This plugin is also the same as Event Expresso and also very simple to use. Shortcodes are one of the best advantages of the event manager. It helps to display your events in your required places.

Download Events Manager


  • You can hook up to the BuddyPress plugin to share events on your social network.
  • There is a feature that allows users and guests to submit their own events, which is great for public event websites and small organizations run by multiple people.
  • The plugin puts some weight on locations, so you can add Google Maps and set up an area to view events based on their locations.
  • The Events Manager plugin provides a complete event creation and sharing center for free. The main reason you upgrade to a paid version is for paid support.

All in One Calendar

The All-in-One calendar is unlike the specified event management plugins. Event management plugins work by using code within WordPress itself. All-in-One Calendar Integrates is a platform-based model that integrates with a wide variety of website builders and content management systems. The free version provides a good range of features to create and promote events on your WordPress website.

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Download All in One Calendar


  • The All-in-One Event Calendar support many external calendars, with import, export, and sharing tools for platforms such as Google Calendar and Apple iCal.
  • The recurring payment feature has complex timing patterns, so if you want to run an event every three months, that’s an option.
  • The frontend display has full of information. This is especially true for posterboard design.
  • The plugin offers a free plan along with monthly premium packages, giving you a wider range of payment options than most of the plugins on this list.

Events Calendar

With the help of the event calendar, you can easily create and manage an event calendar on your website. Whether your events are in-person or virtual events, this plugin features professional features supported by our world-class team of developers and designers. The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe, packed with many features, is ready to go out of the box.

Download Event Calendar


  • It has block editor support.
  • Calendar month view with tool-tips.
  • It increase your SEO with JSON-LD Structured Data.
  • There is extensive template tags for customization.

Event Organiser

The Event Organizer adds event management that integrates well with your WordPress site. It is also one of the free WordPress plugins for event organizers. It creates events that have the same functionality as posts and add more features that allow you to manage your events

Download Event Organiser


  • It has the ability to add or remove specific dates to an event.
  • It can create and manage venues for your events with Google Maps support and a fully-featured content editor.
  • It consists of venue pages, to view events by venue.
  • It deletes individual occurrences of events.

My Calendar

With the help of My Calendar plugin, your events can be displayed on multiple websites, on WordPress Multisite. WordPress Event Management does this with well-customizable ways to display my calendar events. It is easy to use, my calendar provides enormous flexibility for designers and developers who need a custom calendar.

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Download My Calendar


  • There are custom templates for event output.
  • There are Schedule recurring events.
  • Calendar grid and list views of events.
  • Shortcode Generator to create customized views of My Calendar.
  • Edit single occurrences of recurring events.

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