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10 Actionable Ideas for SEO Friendly URL Structure

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The number of people failed to create SEO friendly URLs. SEO structure is very important to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing etc.

Take some time to create SEO URL for higher ranking.

Before going to publish a post, Double check URL structure.

Every piece of below content created very seriously and take a lot of time. So if you want to become an SEO specialist, Read carefully each idea.

Also, post your doubts via comments.

What is a URL?

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is also called as “Web Address”. Describe the location of the resource (Such as web page) on the web.


Best Ideas for SEO Friendly URL Structure

Short URL Tend to Rank Better

Short URL gives the higher ranking.


Because short URLs is very easy to read and share.

Google search results for seo guide - Short URL
Example for Shorter URL in Google search results

Which of the following URL structure do you like?

Example 1:

Example 2:

I think most of the users like example 1. Because it’s very short and readable.

Also, Google Matt Cutts (head of the webspam team at Google) says “URL length is the effect on page rank”.


Don’t change URL for already published posts. This will cause serious SEO issue.

If you are using WordPress CMS (Content Management System), You can set permalink structure to “Post name”.

Don’t change permalink structure, If your site has hundreds of posts. Only change URL Structure for new sites.

Create Human Readable URL

If you create human-readable URL, Web page gets higher ranking in search engines.

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See followings examples to know about Readable and Unreadable URL.

Example for Readable URL

Example for Unreadable URL

An SEO friendly URL structure is one that both humans and computers can understand.  That’s the sweet spot that you’re aiming for.

Put Main Keywords in URL

Placing keywords in URL is a major SEO ranking factor.

For example, this post is the target to rank for keywords like “SEO URL”, “SEO Friendly URL Structure” and “URL Structure” etc. So I decided to create URL like this.

Google search results for seo guide - Short URL
Example – Keywords like “seo” and “guide” in URL

Create Static URL, Not Dynamic URL

If you create dynamic URL, It will cause serious SEO issue. So, create a static URL.

Dynamic URL change constantly whereas Static URL does not change.

This kind of URL is very ugly.

Remove Stop Words

Remove stop words (a, but, the, are, an and to etc) to decrease URL length and better readability. Sometimes it is better to keep stop words for readability.

So it is your choice, Whether it include or not based on the readability vs. length..

If you are using WordPress, It will automatically remove stop words.

Example 1 (Before removing stop words)

Example 2 (After removing stop words)

Fewer Sub Categories is Better

Sometimes you need to create category wise URLs. In this case, create 2 to 3 subcategories maximum.

Example (2 Sub Categories)

Example (More than 2 Sub Categories)

Use Hyphen for Word Separator

It is better to use Hyphen (-) for word separator instead of any other separators (like _ + = # %). The hyphen is the search engine friendly separator.

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Don’t Repeat Keywords

I already told you placing keywords in URL tend to rank better.

But Repeating keywords and keyword stuffing negatively impact on page rank.

Example for Keyword Stuffing

Use HTTPS Instead HTTP if Possible

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is the secure version of HTTPS. It is also known as HTTP over TLS, or Transport Layer Security.

Security is a top priority for Google. They told webmasters to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. They give some time to do it.

But in future, They may decide to strengthen it.

Check out this HTTPS as a ranking signal from google official blog.

If you don’t have enough knowledge of switching to HTTPS, Don’t make any changes to your site. Because it will cause serious SEO issues.

Check out Guidelines from Google about HTTPS.

But if you’re launching the new site, You can create HTTPS version easily.

Use Folders Instead of Sub Domain

Some webmasters moved their sites from subdomain to subfolder. They seeing improved results.

Vise Versa

Moving subfolder to subdomain cause traffic loss.

Google gives the separate ranking for subdomains. They don’t include in the main domain.

That’s why

Use subfolders instead of subdomains where possible.

You can also create subdomain in some cases. It’s your requirement to create sub domain or subfolder.

It’s Worth a Few Minutes for an SEO Friendly URL Structure

You always want to make sure that you write your content so that it is helpful to humans. However, to get any humans to read your content, you need to get them to your site. Part of that is making sure that you show up in the search engine rankings. Search engine optimization is important to getting an audience and readers for your message. Part of that is making sure that you have an SEO friendly URL structure so that Google and other search engines are able to figure out what your content is about.

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