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Make Money Online in Egypt

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If you’re looking to earn cash online, there are plenty of ways that you can make money online in Egypt. You can make money whether you’re looking to

  • learn how to make money online in Egypt through blogging
  • market your products and services on online marketplaces
  • become a digital nomad through your own software project

It may require some creativity. It will also require some work but if you’re willing to do that, the opportunities are there.

Sell an Online Course for Learning Egyptian

The internet has become a very popular place for learning a new language. With business requirements increasing the need for multilingual individuals it serves as a fruitful course to create. There is a good market for people who want to learn Egyptian for various reasons. Some want to use it on their travels or simply to learn the culture through the language first. It will take some work to set up the right website and programs to set at a reasonable price.

You just don’t want to skimp on the details though and make the course comprehensive and thorough. Utilizing an advertising platform will help get the word out about your new crash course on learning the Egyptian language! It is a good idea to make it as short and fast as possible or offer different options. These can include a quick crash course for travelers or a more extensive premium student package.

You can even add to this by working as a tutor. You can do this online through Skype or Zoom.  The best sites are and

Blog about the many unique locations in Egypt

There are a plethora of locations in Egypt and they’re just waiting to be blogged about. Many people are interested in learning about these exotic locations. You can make money online in Egypt by writing about the various beautiful places here. You could go camping in the Sahara Desert or visit the crocodile farm. With such a rich history and culture, you will have a lot of ideas. However, this type of challenging and off the wall content will give you plenty to write about.

Readers enjoy a good thrill that is rewarding to the reader. If you want to take it easy instead then there are some serene spots like Mahdia Beach. There you can let loose and write a meditation blog near the ocean. Speaking of which, there are fishing opportunities that are blog-worthy. Not just fish, there is other wildlife you see in these locations. All this can be juicy content!

Sahara Desert

Write and Sell an Ebook about Egyptian Architecture

There are some vastly intricate structures in Egypt. The amazing architecture and rich culture are an art story waiting to be told. Of course, there are other topics in an ebook to consider revolving around Egypt such as exploring and potentially finding ancient artifacts and then writing about them. You can write about almost any travel or cultural experience in Egypt. Just don’t go scaling the pyramids. Writing about them is a different story as there are many theories as to what they were used for. As a writer of an ebook, you should be well-informed about the topic and preferably passionate. It’s easy to get started selling your ebook online and it doesn’t have to be super long to sell which means you can dish out multiple ones per year.

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With Amazon, you can easily publish an eBook or even get your book printed on demand.

Create and Sell Products Online

If you’re an artist in Egypt, then why not find materials from various locations to create some truly unique art projects to put up for sale. You could take note of the species of animals that are indigenous to Tunisia and make art about them or collect things like shells and even bones that are free. You can be really innovative with this and get these materials to forge things like a shell wind chime. Sculptures with colors that speak to the culture can make excellent gifts because they are handmade.

Products can vary depending on what you feel passionate about and it’s important to study the latest trends to see what is popular. You could try your hand at making exotic instruments from everyday wood found around the beach like a flute or Arabic oud crafted with the designs seen in Egypt for an authentic feel. These require skill, but you can also get into doing something more manageable like selling clothing online.

Oud Musical Instrument

Develop a Travel App for Tourists

Let’s be honest, people don’t use maps much anymore. Most travelers rely more on electronic GPS and travel apps to ensure they are well informed, This applies to Egypt or any other location. If you’re a local, then this is a great opportunity to effectively design an app that centers around navigating throughout Egypt. It gives you the opportunity to share your expert knowledge, You can develop an application that provides an adaptable and flexible experience when traveling. Some ideas include keeping track of your location and giving active suggestions to keep the day moving at a steady pace. The app can also give you prices and valuable statistical information about each attraction to see what would interest tourists the most. Market this app effectively and you’ll see increased downloads!

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills you need to develop an app. Sometimes, an idea is enough. You can hire a developer to work with you. If you don’t have money to hire a developer, then consider partnering with one for a share of any profit. There are a lot of ways to survive in business. You just have to be creative.

You could even combine this idea with creating a travel guide. For example, you could create an app that tracks where a user is and gives them information about that area. You could narrate their travel for them using your local knowledge and history that you learn about. It’s an amazing way to share your country with tourists. You could even partner with local restaurants and tourist venues for a commission for sending business their way. Offer coupons or suggestions through the app and use the app to track when they are used.

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Freelance Opportunities

Companies of all sizes and even individuals are looking to hire for skills. It’s easier than ever for both the companies and the freelancers. With worldwide online marketplaces, freelancers can advertise their skills. At the same time, companies can advertise their projects. There are a number of freelancing opportunities from almost anywhere.  With the right skills and knowledge, you can market yourself on a site like Upwork.  We’ve written a guide to get you started on Upwork.  There are some techniques that you can use to build your business more quickly.

Some similar sites to check out include Freelancer, Fiverr and TextBroker 

Freelance Writer about Tourism in Egypt

If you want to make money online in Egypt there are many lucrative positions in freelancing. Writing is a skill that almost anyone can learn which can be a useful revenue stream online. When discussing tourism there is a wide audience for this to take advantage of. People need help navigating and finding the best hotels while remaining comfortable and filling their day with suggested hot spots. You can be the bearer of this information and more by writing about various tourism options in Egypt.

With the pyramids, ancient landmarks, and rich culture, there is a lot to see and do in Egypt.  If you are willing to travel, take great pictures and write about your adventures, you can make money online in Egypt writing. The country is beautiful with amazing ancient history and things to do and see.    It seems like every day, there are new discoveries in this ancient land.  With each new discovery, there are more people looking to see what the excitement is about.

Become a Freelance Copywriter

If you’re creative with words and finding the right thing to say then it would be a good idea to try out freelance copywriting. The beauty of this position is companies never stop needing copywriters and the job is necessary for the long haul. It’s easy to snag consistent work in this industry if you have a keen eye and deliver on your responsibilities.

Catchy sentences and sound verbal content is the primary job of a copywriter job. Make sure to build those skills first. You will be creating Audio scripts and slogans for companies too. Companies need help with their marketing and messaging. Sometimes this might be for Egyptian companies. Some companies might be looking to advertise in Egypt. Sometimes, they might hire you for work outside of Egypt. It takes a creative mind to effectively navigate this position. The company will rely on you to have the necessary experience. Make sure you study up and practice if you aspire to make money online in Egypt with this method.

Proofreading for Businesses

Content marketing has never been more popular than in our time, and this has increased the need for reliable online proofreaders in the industry. If your English is impeccable and you have a wealth of knowledge speaking and writing the language then this may be an excellent option for you when working from Egypt. Grammar, punctuation, and a colorful vocabulary are all necessary to make it being a successful proofreader. The opportunities are everywhere for this position though and it’s worth the study if you want to try it out.

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You will essentially be reading a lot of content from other writers and surveying it with a critical eye for increased continuity within the company’s writing. You will get paid according to how much work you can accomplish because there’s usually more to be done. Pushing hard to make a profit is the name of the game with this online money-making strategy.

Graphics Design in Media and Advertising

Consider the position as a graphic designer online because it involves a richly rewarding industry. You have versatility in your employment options and many companies hire you to work remotely for your artistic services. Advertising is a great option for anyone to start out with because it doesn’t require as much creative processing. You still have to know which colors to use and be innovative, to say the least. Online Newspapers are also in need of hiring graphic designers to carry out the subtle nuances of their print. Publishing is also lucrative because many people need unique designs to complement their books. You will want to start building a portfolio. To do this, you could start by doing work for local companies for cheap or free. You could also volunteer to help local charities. This will give you work to showcase when you apply.

Freelance Translator for Multilingual Workers

If you have skills in speaking multiple languages then a translator can be a highly productive and profitable option online. Translators usually earn big money because it’s still a rather rare and coveted skill. If you can accomplish efficient translation effectively and speedily then there is big money here. You can choose to go solo or work for a multinational translation company to supply you with jobs.

This area is in high demand consistently so it shouldn’t be hard to find a position online. If you lack the base knowledge of a particular language then consider trying to learn it efficiently as step one. Once you establish the necessary knowledge and are proficient in reading and speaking even just two languages then it’s time to put your translation capabilities. There’s definitely a learning curve, but this is one of the best ways to make money online in Egypt today with reliable monetary results!

There are a lot of ways to Make Money Online in Egypt

There are a lot of opportunities to make money online in Egypt. Many, like freelancing, can be free to start if you already have the skills.  Others require some investment to get started or some training, which can often be done online.  You can mix and match many of these ideas or use these ideas to come up with opportunities that fit with your skills and interest.  Good luck! 

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