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Since the year 2000, internet access in Nepal has risen from almost nothing to over 30 percent.  This is a story of good news and bad news. The bad news is that many people still don’t have ready internet access which makes it more difficult to make money online in Nepal. The good news is that internet access is available in many places and there isn’t yet a lot of competition. 

Internet Access in Nepal
Internet Access Over Time in Nepal (Source:World Bank)

That opens a lot of opportunities for the right people.   With a rich cultural history and a beautiful landscape, this opens a lot to share online. There is a widespread romanticism of Nepal with historic areas like Kathmandu and the majesty of Mount Everest. There was even a Disney ride made about it!  For the right entrepreneurs, this opens a lot of opportunities.

Create and Sell Art From Nepal

You may be wondering How to Make Money Online in Nepal. Well, Nepal is full of beautiful landscapes to inspire some interesting art that can be sold online for a profit. If you have talents in creating art utilizing elements of nature from famous locations like Nepal then you can put this to the test with an online shop on your own WordPress site, Facebook or Etsy.

It’s the perfect place to get inspiration for paintings and perhaps clay sculptures of mountains around the area to sell online. When utilizing the inspiration from the environment will elevate your art to new heights and you can effectively share the beauty of your homeland with others and inevitably make money online in Nepal.

They will be interested in purchasing a product forged with creativity that is Nepal inspired.  It will potentially add a nice flair to any living space. There are many ideas to choose from and you’re limited only by your imagination. For instance, you can collect seashells from one of the bays in Nepal and turn them into a special necklace. If sculpting is your thing then perhaps sculpt one of the famous locations like Durbar Square. The key to this endeavor is for one to have a prior talent in art or are willing to take lessons and get better to turn a profit. The best art comes from the heart so make sure you’re passionate about it!

Durbar Square

Blogging about Nepal Foods

There are amazing dishes in Nepal that can only be enjoyed there and people want to hear about your experience! This is especially true for those tourists seeking to visit Nepal.  This is because they want to gain insight into which dishes they’ll try. If you’re passionate about food then blogging will become natural and easy to accomplish as if you aren’t even working.

 Talk about some of the iconic cuisines that are specific to Nepal like Dal Bhat or Momos. After you have some ideas it’s time to get down to writing your blog. Everything should be organized and comprehensive with extensive editing to avoid looking unprofessional.

The best and most common way to get the word out about your blogging site is through Google Adsense. This will give any person the power to become their own boss. If it’s successful, it will get the word out about your food blog. People already in Nepal can also benefit. They can find amazing local dishes that they can already try.

You can include traveling in your blog. Inspire your readers to try delicious cuisines around Nepal. Reflect and inform people of the various new options available. People love food, and they also love reading about it! Turn your passion into a business by blogging. Make sure to include pictures in your blog as well to stimulate the taste buds!

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Once you have traffic going to your website, you can make money online in Nepal through advertising on your site through Google Adsense.  You could also be creative by selling digital products like recipes and guides. You can build shopping lists for foreigners to experience Nepalese food. Food plans are very popular.

Youtube: Featuring the Beauty of Nepal

There are so many iconic locations to capture and make new experiences. Youtube is the perfect platform to share these ideas with the world! You can take advantage of the landscape that can yield some very positive results on the video-sharing platform. It’s also ad-friendly which is incredibly important for making money.

It’s a highly creative outlet for content creators, and you could start by experimenting with different ideas. Perhaps it would interesting to make some videos about mediation in some of the temples around the area. Visually it will be stunning and that’s very important to keep things fresh for the eyes. As a content creator, you could talk about the rich history of Nepal. You can visit the museums around the area for historical value and informative tours.

Spice up your videos with different catches. You can set up a challenging atmosphere where you achieve a particular goal or purpose. This gig takes some charisma to make it big. You want to create content that is fun and engaging. The scenery alone won’t carry you to channel growth and future profitability. You also have to continually post content to keep people coming back for more.

 Success on YouTube can be achieved in many different ways. If you like hiking, then create content about hiking in the beautiful mountains of Nepal. Talk about the prospect of pushing yourself. Tell stories of amazing climbers from the mountains. Explore more of Nepal to share with the world! There are definitely some challenges for thrill-seekers, and you’ll get rewarded for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

We’ve found tools like TubeBuddy can help you build your YouTube channel faster.  Once you have enough subscribers and views, you can start to make money online in Nepal from YouTube advertising on your channel.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a highly popular option for people in Nepal seeking to make extra money online. To become an affiliate you must join a platform that offers an affiliate program. From there, promote a particular product on social media or other places and reap the rewards of a commission when the product sells. It’s very straightforward and a popular option for those with immense amounts of followers already. This is because they have a base of customers to advertise to and generate sales. The sky is the limit with this online money-making strategy. You can develop independence with potentially enormous earnings or just make some side money.

There are many affiliate networks you can join to get started with. They can also help you with ideas to get started. Strategies for finding people to market to are also helpful resources when starting out with Affiliate Marketing. Some common affiliates are

Make money online in Nepal through affiliate marketing and you find better income with better performance. There are no expert skills or high knowledge requirements needed to make it big in this business. Although, you have to have a good grasp of what works well within the strategy. You’ll want to combine this with one of the blogging strategies to build an audience.

Blogging about Mountain Adventures

If you are a hiker then it’s very possible to turn your hobby into a full-time income with online blogging. Most people are very passionate about the beauty of mountains. Plus, there is a wide range of people who want to read about your thrilling mountain adventures in Nepal.

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Most notably, Mt. Everest is of particular importance and is perhaps the most famous mountain in the world. Blogging about this topic will be exciting and epic. Each step will bring you closer to realizing your money-making potential while blogging about intense or peaceful expeditions.

Chandragiri Hills is also an excellent challenge for mountain climbers and it would make a great story for your blog! Over time you will grow a following with the right marketing strategies through advertising services.

People are sometimes attracted to risk or danger. Mountains present this fully with uncertain results at times. People will be waiting with anticipation while reading your blog. They will want to find out what happened next on an amazing mountain journey. You could also post about the various forms of gear needed for hiking and scaling a mountain. It highlights the crucial elements of each experience.

There are many adventures to be had. It’s your goal to document and share them with common people and others who share your passion. Include photos and engage the audience on your blog. It will pay off when you express interest in those who support the hobby!

Freelance Photographer or Artist

With endless possibilities in photography in Nepal, you can set up an online shop with various options available. You can include canvas prints or regular photos. Try creating special gifts for family and friends, or framed photos to compliment any building. Various themes can be implemented like focusing on relaxation and therapeutic environments.

There are many meditative photos that you can take in Nepal. Use the breathtaking sunsets that are just waiting to be captured. Most importantly, there are many people who are willing to purchase good photography, especially of iconic locations like Mt. Everest.

It’s important to remember that many of these locations have been photographed a lot so you need to think outside the box and make it your own. Ask yourself what separates your photography from others, and add some effects if necessary to really make it pop.

People can be harder to impress today because of Google images, so add a unique element to the photos to sell for various occasions. Art can also be a popular option because people will pay good money for a Nepal inspired oil painting. If you have the talent to pursue art or photography then it will be a lucrative option for making money online with the right marketing skills.

Do the research and purchase a high-grade camera with support equipment for the highest resolution. When you invest in better equipment it really shows, and you want to make sure to stand out among the other competitors to encourage sales and keep customers coming back for some stunning photos!

Selling Your Photos

You can either try to build your own site to sell your pictures. This will make more money per image but it’s harder to get customers. Another option is that you can also sell images to sites like Shutterstock,, or StockUnlimited

You might also be able to find some work on freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer. You could also potentially sell projects on Fiverr.  All of these sites match employers with freelancers on projects. Freelancers can also sell prepackaged projects. We’ve put together a guide to getting started on Upwork so that you can make money more quickly.

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Freelancing to Make Money in Nepal

We live in a worldwide marketplace. There are not places online that you can advertise your skills to clients around the world to do projects for them. This is especially true if you have the skills or knowledge that clients need. Some examples of ways that people make money online in Nepal and around the world.

  • Consulting – There are businesses in Nepal and all over the world that need help with analysis, financial information, business plans or any number of areas that can make their businesses better.
  • Computer Programming – There are developers around the world making good money selling those skills. Companies of all sizes are looking for talented developers to help them with their needs. These could include things like app development, writing specialized programs, fixing clients’ current programs. The opportunities are almost endless.
  • Website Development – The is like computer programming but also includes skills like design and how websites are architected. You are far more marketable if you can use some of the common website platforms like WordPress.
  • Design – Designers of all sorts are finding great work online doing things like websites, marketing materials, logos, and much more.
  • Content Writers – With over a billion websites, books, courses, and a lot more, someone has to write all that content. Sometimes, it’s not just the writing, you might be able to sell skills translating material for businesses if you know more than one language. Many companies are marketing around the world and need material translated into other languages.

These are just some of the ideas. Even if you don’t have any of these skills, there are jobs out there for those who don’t have special skills. Jobs like data entry, testing, reviewing, and more are available. Once you start making some money online in Nepal, then you can expand on your skills and knowledge for bigger and better paying projects.

How to Make Money Freelancing

We talked earlier about platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. Upwork is the largest online freelancing platform. Clients post jobs that you can bid on. If you are successful in the bid, you complete the job, earning money. Freelancer is very similar. There is also Fiverr. This is a bit different where you post projects you’ll do for a fixed fee and clients hire you.

We have put together a guide to get you started on Upwork. This is a proven strategy to help you get started more quickly. It’s not difficult, but there are some ways that will help you get started.

Textbroker is a specialized platform for content writers and translators. That is their whole business. It is possible to make money online in Nepal through writing articles, translating content or any number of other content projects.

Freelancing is a great opportunity to make money online in Nepal. You can sell your skills and knowledge around the world.

Make Money Online in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich culture. It holds a certain amount of romanticism in other countries. That can open up opportunities to make money online in Nepal.

These aren’t the only options but they are some to give you some ideas. Any one of them, or any combination can be a great way to make money online in Nepal.

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