My Adsense Account Disabled Due to Invalid Activity

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I want to share my experience with Google Adsense. Adsense banned me due to invalid activity, but I am very happy.


Read my full story.

I have learned a lot of Technics after Adsense Disabled my account. Every Adsense publisher, Blogger, and Webmaster must read my story.

About Me:

I’m Ramakrishna.

I have been working as Blogger since 2013. I haven’t any experience in blogging and SEO etc when I started working with Adsense.

I lost my entire income source from Adsense. That’s when I decided to take Blogging and many more things Very Seriously.

Now I am an expert in blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And earning a good income from other ad networks.

Start Journey with Google Adsense

I got Adsense approval in September 2014.  They send me a welcome mail with terms and conditions. The first point is Please don’t click on your ads, even to test them”. 

But I have ignored this important note. This was the first mistake I made. If I take those Rules seriously, Adsense never banned me.

Welcome mail from google adsense

Mail Received from Google Adsense

One day suddenly I got mail from Adsense. They sent me like this

“With our advertising programs, we strive to create an online ecosystem that benefits publishers, advertisers, and users. For this reason, we sometimes have to take action against accounts that show behavior towards users or advertisers that may negatively impact how the ecosystem is perceived. In your case, we have detected invalid activity on your AdSense account and as a result, it has been disabled.”.

Mail from Google Adsense about Account disable
The Mail which I got from Google Adsense

Why Google Adsense banned me?

I did a big mistake.

What is it?

I have clicked my own ads from different browsers and computers. I have explained clearly below.

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When starting days, I have clicked my own ads from different computers. I got average CPC $0.15 for those clicks. So I decided to click my own ads from different Computers.

Then, I told my friends “click ads on my website”. They clicked ads on my website from different locations and different computers.

My income suddenly increased above 150%. But I got low CPC (Cost Per Click). So I decided to increase my income. Then, I click my ads from different locations like the US, UK, and Australia etc.

After that, My CPC also increased. My income goes to $1000.

After Few days Google Adsense Disabled my account without any notice.

Important Note: Please don’t click your own ads. Also, don’t encourage accidental clicks and invalid clicks.

And I also made another big mistake.

What is it?

I created fake accounts with my friend’s details. I have created a total of 4 accounts, including my account.

And I did the same invalid activity on those accounts. Adsense banned all my accounts within a few days.

One stupid mistake can change everything

What I did After Receiving Mail From Adsense

I have submitted a number of appeals to Google Adsense using the Invalid Activity Appeal form. But there is no use. I got the same reply for every mail.

They replied like this “Our specialists have confirmed that we are unable to reinstate your Adsense account”.

Google adsense invalid activity appeal
Adsense reply to my invalid activity appeal.

How to Prevent Invalid Activity 

Follow below Rules to prevent invalid activity.

  • Don’t click your own ads.
  • Don’t encourage people (Friends and Family members etc,) to click your ads.
  • Don’t put ads in any place which cause a high volume of accidental clicks.
  • Track your earnings on Adsense dashboard daily. If you find any Invalid clicks or impressions, inform to Adsense with Invalid Clicks Contact Form.
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How I monetize My site after Adsense banned

My life very struggled after Adsense banned my account. I learned and still learning lots of things very seriously.

After 2 months, I have started working with other advertising networks.

I read hundreds of articles for best Adsense alternatives. Finally, I found some best ad network for me. The first & best Adsense alternative is and The second one is RevenueHits.

Presently I am working with and RevenueHits.

I will shortly publish my income reports.

Please comment your experience with Adsense or any other ad network.

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