How to Create Adsense Account without Website

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Here is the complete guide for creating Adsense account without Adsense. The best and fastest way is creating Google Adsense with YouTube.

Note: Your YouTube channel must have 10,000 views to monetize videos. Check out YouTube official announcement on the YouTube Partner Program overview.

Create Adsense Account with YouTube

  1. Just log in to YouTube with your Gmail account.
  2. Then create a channel in your account.
  3. Next, go to your YouTube channel creator studio.
  4. Then click on CHANNEL option on the left side.
  5. After that click on 
  6. Now you can create Adsense account by following onscreen option.
  7. If you completed the account creation process, You are automatically redirected to YouTube Monetization page.
  8. YouTube automatically link your channel to Adsense account.
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  1. on my left side, i m not getting channel option.. only options are dashboard,videos,playlists, comments and analytics

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