Using WordPress Plug-ins to Expand Your Site

Developers expand what WordPress can do by developing WordPress plug-ins.  These plug-ins add functionality, data, make things easier, and much more.  You can even have a developer create a custom plug-in just for your needs if you can’t find what you want.

This is part of the power of WordPress and why it’s the most popular Content Management System in use today on millions of websites.

Plug-ins come in all shapes and sizes…and prices.  Of course, it’s amazing to have this capability and to be able to do all this, usually without paying a developer (unless you get a custom plug-in made) but each plug-in can impact the speed, performance, and complexity of your site, so you need to manage that.  

We go through different common WordPress plug-ins for different problems and show you which ones to choose, how to implement them and help you choose how to add functionality to your WordPress website.

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