What You'll Learn

Study Junkie is an online study stage that pays clients for imparting their insights on various surveys and interviews. You earn a certain amount of credit for each survey that you finish. You can then exchange that credit for real value. Survey Junkie is one of our top suggestions for making money fast. You start off by filling out a profile about yourself, your interests and your experiences. That gives the system the information that it needs to help match you up with survey opportunities.

Take Surveys

Survey Junkie started offering me paid review opportunities shortly after finishing the profile questions.

From the record dashboard, you’ll see a rundown of the accessible surveys. Before you click on one, you can see what number of focuses you’ll gain and how long they expect it to take — like a 10-minute overview for 40 focuses.

When I started, I only had a few interviews available, so that limited how much money I could make initially.

Earn Rewards

As you might have guessed, Survey Junkie isn’t likely to make you rich. The payout for each study is unique. Clearly, the more drawn out the study is, the more that you’ll get paid for finishing it. The total that you make with Survey Junkie will rely upon a variety of variables. The greatest one is what number of studies you get welcomed to.

Each client is unique, and every one of them will fit the bill for various interviews. This is a common complaint of Survey Junkie, that they don’t offer enough interviews. However, you can make some money by doing the ones that they have available.

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Get Paid

At the point when you take interviews with Survey Junkie, one point is the equivalent of one penny. So a study with a 100-point prize will earn you $1. You can get paid once you have $5 in your account.

There are several options to get paid. You can get paid using a PayPal account. If you’re in the United States, you can also get paid with a direct bank transfer or using gift cards.

Making Money With Survey Junkie

You probably won’t get rich taking surveys with Survey Junkie, but you can make some extra money. It’s easy and doesn’t take very long. I was able to make a bit of money in short period of time. If you need money quick, this is one way to make it happen while you’re queueing in line, at an event or almost anywhere.

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