Make Money Online in Azerbaijan

Make Money Online in Azerbaijan

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The internet opens a huge opportunity for someone to make money from anywhere in the world. In the last 20 years, access to the internet in Azerbaijan has increased so much that about 80% of the population has access to the internet. This opens a whole world of opportunities to make money online in Azerbaijan.

With internet access, you can offer products and services to the entire world.  You can offer products and services to almost anyone, which allows you to use your skills and knowledge to sell to countries that can affort to pay more or that have more customers (or both.)

A Few Things to Know Before Trying to Make Money Online

Before you make money online in Azerbaijan, there are a few things to keep in mind. Nothing all that amazing, but things you should bear in mind as you look at opportunities.

  • Nothing is Instant – We’ve all read those get rich quick stories.  Most overnight successes take several years to happen. There are ways that you can make money right away and we will talk about them.  However, they require hard work and good services.
  • Don’t Buy a Job – If someone offers you a job but tells you that you need to pay for training, then run away.  Sure.  Sometimes you can make money by paying for classes, but you should not have to pay for a job online.
  • Be Careful of Get Rich Quick Scams – There are ways to make money online but they take work and sometimes take investment.  Be careful of scams out there. 
  • Internet doesn’t give instant money.

Yes, you can earn money online from almost anywhere, including Azerbaijan.  Whether you read it here or someplace else, do your own research and your own testing. 

Make Money Online in Azerbaijan

Earn Money by Creating Blog

We all have our own stories and our own experiences.  Sometimes, we know something that can help others, or interest others.  One common way to make money online is to start a blog.  This is a website that provides information on a topic.  It could be a hobby or skill that you have.  It could also be a site that tells readers about your amazing country and its rich history.

If you have skills in writing or story telling, then a blog could be a great opportunity for you. If you are able to build an audience and get enough people to your site, then you can make money from your blog through a few different ways. 

Common ways to make money from a blog include

  • Advertising – Using Google AdSense, Ezoic, or similar services, you sell space on your site for advertisements.  With enough readers and good strategies, you can make good money from these ads.
  • Sell Digital Products – Depending on the type of site you have, you can sell guides, e-books, pamphlets, and other digital products that you make yourself to help your audience.
  • Sell Services – Perhaps you could sell services like consulting, writing, or others based on the theme of your website.
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There are a number of ways to make money from your blog.  Of course, for any of them to work you need an audience who comes back to your site. 

The good news about a blog is that it is fairly cheap to start.  Of course, it can also take a while before you make money, and takes some work to regularly produce content.  To get started, we recommend using WordPress.  WordPress is a free Content Management System, which means that it provides the structure for your website.  There are a number of free (and paid) themes and plugins out there to add to your website.

To get started with WordPress, you will need a hosting account. This is basically where your website lives. There are a number of services out there that will host your website. We recommend one that is both affordable, fast and that has good support. There are a number of cheaper ones out there that spend more money on marketing than they do on computers and they tend to be slower and have service that isn’t as good.  Here are the hosts that we recommend to get you started:

Websites which you can use to host blog

Make Money with YouTube

For some, writing isn’t strength.  They are better in person.  Of course, it’s tough to earn money online if you have to do things in person. So, your next best option is to create YouTube videos. 

With enough subscribers and views, you can make money on YouTube.  As you probably know, YouTube makes its money by advertising on videos.  For creators with enough viewers, they can get a portion of the advertising revenue through YouTube’s Partner Program.  This isn’t easy, but it can be very lucrative. Some YouTubers even make millions of dollars.

How much anyone can earn money from YouTube?

Nobody tells you about, how much money can we earn from YouTube? YouTube earnings depend upon so many things like the number of video views, visitors locations, advertisers and video type, etc.

For example, One channel get $1 for every 1000 views and some other channel earns $10 per 1000 views.

You need some video making and creating skills to make money with YouTube. Here is the Complete Guide for Making money with YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money online in Azerbaijan with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a different concept from the above methods. You will get money by promoting Advertisers products through Website, YouTube and Social Networks, etc.

If any visitor buys the product from your link, You will be get paid.

You need some marketing skills to promote products.

You need to signup with affiliate marketing companies like Amazon and get affiliate links to place on your site or blog.

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Top Affiliate Marketing Websites

Types of Affiliate Programs

PPC (Pay Per Click) – You can earn money if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and goes to the advertiser site. The visitor doesn’t need to buy anything.

PPL (Pay Per Lead) – You can earn money if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and register or submit email on advertiser site. A visitor doesn’t need to buy anything.

PPS (Pay Per Sale) – You can earn money only if any visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buy advertiser product or service.

You can also directly signup with companies that you want to promote their products.

Your commission is different from one company to another. Amazon gives you 4% to 10% based on the product you sell via an affiliate link. Some Hosting companies give 20% to 60% commission and some give fixed rates for sale.

Check out this guide How to make Money with affiliate marketing.

Make Money Freelancing

One great way to make money online is to earn money through selling services to clients.  The internet makes that easier than ever. 

There are sites online that specialize in letting you apply for jobs that others need done, or you can post a project that you can do.  There are projects for all skill and experience levels from clients throughout the world.

The biggest of these sites is Upwork.  Clients post jobs and you apply.  You can earn good money on Upwork, especially if you have specialized skills.  There are projects for freelancers without specialized skills.  There are projects for skills like software development, web design, content writing, translation, and a lot more.  We’ve put together a guide to getting started on Upwork.  This is a great chance to getting started freelancing online.

Other sites include Freelancer and Fiverr.  Freelancer is very similar to Upwork.  On Fiverr, you post fixed price projects that you can do and clients hopefully find your projects and hire you. 

Become a Content Writer

One specialized type of freelancing is content writing.  With all the blogs, marketing and more available these days there is a ton of content writing opportunity available.  The most opportunities are for those who can write natively in a major language like English.  There are also a lot of opportunities for anyone who can translate.  Authors are often looking to have their content translated from their native language into a natural form of a different language.

Using a site like Upwork or TextBroker you can find jobs at different skill levels.  Another option is to Google for phrases like “write for us” or “guest writer” and looks for sites and projects that need writers where you can build your skills and earn money.  Adding a keyword of an area that involves something you know and adding that to phrases like “write for us” or “writers” can get you to projects where you have expertise.  For example: “western Asia travel writes for us”.  Sometimes this requires some detective work but can be very lucrative when it works.

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Depending on your skills and knowledge, you can earn from $10 to over $500 per work.  It’s not a bad way to make money online.   

Freelancing of any sort is a great way to make money online in Azerbaijan.  It doesn’t require anything to get started and you can start earning money right away, once you find jobs that you can do well at.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

What is Domain Name?

Domain name means just website address (Like this site that is user type in the browser address bar. There are number of extensions like .com .uk .net .org etc available. You can easily register a domain in Godaddy or any other Hosting networks.

Domains increase value over time if they have commercial value.

Buy Domain Name

You can buy domains at $10 to $15 and you can sell it at the best rate based on your domain name. If the domain already registered with another user, Contact the user and see if he wants to sell it or not.

Sell Domain on Flippa

You can easily sell your domains at Flippa. Just sign up and put your domain in the auction and accept bids. Then sell it for higher bids.

You can directly advertise on your domain home page to sell your domain.

Become a Content Writer

You can also earn a full-time income from content writing. There are thousands of sites offering good amount to content writers.

How to find sites which have paid content writing option?

Just search on google “write for us” to find sites which pay money for content writing. And you can also search keyword + “Write for us” to find sites which are related to your keyword.

You can earn $10 to $500 per post.

Qualities of Best Content Writer

  • Creative thinking
  • Good knowledge in the content
  • Write’s the killer title and description
  • Having a unique style
  • Researching habit.
  • Good writing speed

Sell Your Own Products

You can earn thousands of dollars if you sell your product. First, create a product. Then sell it on Amazon or your own site or youtube channel.

Steps to Sell Own Product or Service

  • First, create and develop the product or service.
  • Then, test your product with your friends, family members, and nearest buyers, etc.
  • After testing, Find buyers via your website or a youtube channel or facebook page, etc.
  • Next, Sell your product or service online.
  • And also create a marketing plan to earn a good income.

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