Adsense vs Adwords – What is the main Difference?

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Here you can learn about Google Adsense vs Adwords. We provide all differences between Google Adwords and Adsense.

As a publisher, you can display Google ads on your website, blog, and Youtube channel etc with Adsense. Whereas Adwords allows you to advertise on Google search results page and network partners websites(Other blogs).

Both Adwords and Adsense are owned by Google.

As a blogger or website owner, You must understand the difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

Adwords vs Adsense

Here are the main differences between Adsense and Adwords.

 For Publishers For Advertisers
 Owned by Google Owned by Google
 You get money per click You need to pay per click
 Free Signup Free Signup

Google Adsense

You can place Google ads on your website, blog, games, and YouTube videos etc. If any visitor clicks the ad on your website, You will get paid.

Google Adsense is the world’s top online advertising network.

Official website link here Google Adsense.

Google Adwords

You can advertise your company ad or website in Google search results and Google partner websites with Adwords. You only pay when someone clicks your ad (Pay Per Click).

Adwords is the best online advertising network for Advertisers.

Official website link here Google Adwords.

Can I use Adsense and Adwords Together?

Yes, you can get traffic from Adwords but you must understand the policies and webmaster guidelines. You can use Adsense and Adwords on the same website with some conditions.

  1. Any web page you drive traffic from Google Adwords to must be relevant to the ad and have what’s promised to the visitor.
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Don’t play tricks with Google, because of Google is smarter than us.

Also, check on Google official forum – Using Adsense and Adwords Together.

Can I use the same account for Adwords and Adsense?

You can log in with same Google (Gmail) account for both Adsense and Adwords account but they are totally different and independent.

You can not see Adsense reports on Adwords and vice versa.

FAQ – Adsense vs Adwords

Can I use Adsense and Adwords Together?

Yes it’s not prohibited, but only allowed under certain restrictions regarding landing page quality.

Can I use the same account for Adwords and Adsense?

Yes, you can use same Google account for Adwords and AdSense.

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