How to Increase Google Adsense Income

What You'll Learn

Here I am providing the best ways Increase Adsense Earnings with real-time examples. Read carefully to boost your Adsense income.

if you failed to optimize Adsense on your site, You may lose some money.

Use High Paying Keywords

By using High paying keywords on your site, you can easily increase your Adsense income. Content also plays a very important role in Adsense income.

So choose the best content for your site.

Real Time Example

We have two different sites. One is about making money and another one is mobile reset.

Money Related site RPM is $11.30.

Mobile Reset site RPM is $4.60.

With above example, you can easily understand How keyword playing a big role in Adsense earnings.

Target High CPC Countries

You can also earn good amount of income from Adsense if you get traffic from High CPC countries.

Real Time Example

After analyzing 2 Million pageviews, We are provided high CPC countries list below.

  1. US
  2. Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. Switzerland etc

Choose Best Ad Placements

Placement of Adsense ads on your blog/website also improves your Google Adsense income.

Best Ad Placement

  • Above fold (Above the first paragraph)
  • Below first paragraph (My favorite placement)
  • Middle of post

Don’t Keep More Ads on Single Page

Some publishers keep a number of ad units on a single page. It may not boost your Google Adsense income.

It will decrease your page speed. Nowadays page speed is a very important factor for SEO.

Add Adsense for Search to Your Site

Adding Adsense for search also increase your Adsense income. Replace your common search box into google search box.

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It will improve your traffic also.

Choose Text and Display Ads

Adsense Recommends you to use Text and Display ads while creating the ad unit. Of course, it will work very well.


In my experience, I have got more income from responsive link ads than display ads.

Do Number of Experiments

The Experiment is king of all the above tips.

No one can tell you the exact way to increase Adsense income. They tell us from their experiences.

So you need to do your own experiments to boost your Google AdSense earnings.

Choose Best Ad Unit

Here are the top performing ad units.

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