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Are you looking for Best Google Adsense Alternatives?


Are you banned by google?

Here, I have provided top advertising networks for publisher and blogger like you.

And also i want to share my friend experience with you. Google adsense banned account. Read full story to know why adsense banned my friend.

Top 2 High Paying Adsense Alternatives

After adsense banned me, I choose to monetize my websites. I was also tried infolinks, Chitika and Propeller ads, But i got very low income. is different. They have world’s top and best advertisers. I am getting High CPM (Cost Per Mile) compare to other networks.

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RevenueHits also best adsense alternative for publishers. I am using RevenueHits only for desktop users, not for mobile users. Because their ad code made Sneaky mobile redirects. Google penalize your site, If they detect any Sneaky redirects.

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Other Alternatives to Google Adsense


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is not CPC or CPM based network. It is the Best affiliate network. You can earn money by promoting Amazon products through your site.

It is completely different network. So you must learn affiliate marketing first.

Propeller Ads

Some publishers told, PropellerAds is also best alternative for adsense. Some publishers getting good CPM, But for mine it’s Low CPM. Presently, I am not working with PropellerAds.

Anyway, If you want to try this network use below link.

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Adsterra is CPA based Ad network. They pay upto $5 CPM for pop under ads. This network code also made sneaky mobile redirects. You can use Adsterra for desktop traffic.


Infolinks also one of the alternative for adsense. Very low CPM for some countries like India. So you can use Infolinks for low traffic websites.

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Chitika also pay very low CPM for some countries like India. You need traffic from US, UK and Ca etc, to get high revenue.

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